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Hulede Collegiate Golf Scholarship Fund

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John C. Hulede
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Raised of $50,000 goal
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    Chineye Emeghara


    Chineye Emeghara


    John C. Hulede


    Tori Meglio


    Adobe Inc


Our story

John C. Hulede is a Division 1 golf alum from Towson University and a first generation Ghanaian-American. He received his B.A. in Marketing and a Master’s in IO Psychology from UMD. He has been in the sales ever since graduating with his Bachelor's in 2017, using skills and tools learned from golf. Collegiate golf gave him valuable experience that translated directly into the workplace. He wants to help pay it forward and assist minority students who play or are committed to playing collegiate golf. He has been fighting student debt with since March 2022 and is passionate about creating accessibility to the game of golf for underrepresented players.

Our goal

The mission of this fund is to support minorities playing collegiate golf.
Scholarships made possible by your generosity

Comments from contributors 4

John C. Hulede26 days ago

Making this donation for $200 on behalf of John Hulede Sr (Dad of John C Hulede, creator of HCGS)

Jack Rice6 months ago

Thank you for the opportunity to support these young athletes.

Kendall Dunovant7 months ago

I am thrilled to be able to support my dear friend John and his incredible work. This scholarship is making a difference in the golf community and I am so happy to contribute to this effort.

John C. Hulede7 months ago

Funding for 2024 launch (Year 3 loading)!

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