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Herbert Osei “Dream Big” Writing Scholarship Fund

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Kingsley Osei
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Our story

Kingsley Osei is an elementary school teacher who resides in the Bronx and is an Award-Winning Children's Book Author. He has been fighting student debt in honor of his father, Herbert Osei, since February 2021. Herbert was a dreamer and always pushed Kingsley to go after his own dreams. Despite challenges in his life, he always supported Kingsley as he pursued his passions and goals. Kingsley will always remember and cherish the memories him and his father made together through those years. Herbert truly was a light in so many people’s lives, so Kingsley wants to carry on his father's legacy by inspiring the dreams of writers.

Our goal

This scholarship fund will honor Herbert Osei by supporting young African American writers in the Bronx as they study creative writing, literature, journalism, or related fields in pursuit of becoming a writer.

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