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Gabriel Martin Memorial Annual Scholarship Fund

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Organized by
Robbie and Ginger Martin
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Raised of $11,500 goal
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    Pat Easley




    Marcus And Danyā Turner


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Our story

Robbie and Ginger Martin created this fund in honor of Gabe Martin. They've been fighting student debt by giving students scholarship opportunities since February 2022. Gabe grew up in Richland, Mississippi, where he graduated high school and was a band alumnus. He loved basketball, playing his XBOX, helping others in need, and being with his family and friends. Throughout all his life, he fought numerous asthma attacks and food allergies. And yet even with his medical conditions, he lived an extraordinary life. Sadly, his short life came to a tragic end. Gabe was an organ donor and will continue his legacy of helping others by giving the gift of mobility and sight through being an organ donor. This fund helps students who have medical conditions, like Gabe did.

Our goal

This scholarship fund supports under-privileged students in Mississippi with a medical condition in order to give them the opportunity to pursue their dreams and make a difference through their careers.
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Comments from contributors 3

Pat Easley2 months ago

My precious grandson

Marcus And Danyā Turner3 months ago

In loving support of Gabe.

Anonymous3 months ago

Helping the Martin family with helping young adults achieve their dreams.

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