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Our story

Doug was a half glass full kind of guy when it came to the people he loved. He always looked at his family, friends and life in general with joy and a wonderful spirit. He had many passions and those passions were contagious. From work to parenthood to random activities like finding the best bottle of wine for under $10 to making the best paella, his face would light up whenever you talked to him about it. That passion extended to education and the opportunities that education can present for people. Doug would want the recipient of this scholarship to have a passion for making a difference in society and pass on that passion to other people that he/she touches.

Our goal

Doug once said, “I got into donating to charity way too late.” As social justice and Black Lives Matter came more into focus, Doug Hamilton- who was white- became more and more aware of his privileged upbringing. Doug came from a “very protected environment,” in which his grandfather and father were lawyers. Doug was also a successful lawyer. Doug was “shielded from a lot of realities” that he became more aware of later on in life. For these reasons, Doug wanted to give bright, aspiring young adults from first generation college families some of the same opportunities that he once took for granted. He would have loved to help them succeed in using their education to benefit themselves and their families.
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