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Connie Konatsotis Scholarship Fund

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Connie Konatsotis Scholarship Fund
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    Connie Konatsotis Scholarship Fund



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Our story

Connie Konatsotis used to say that "The only thing that cannot be taken away from you is education. Stay curious!” This fund, in Connie's name, has been raising money for women in STEAM since September 2021. Connie Konatsotis (née Kohnle) dedicated her time to various charities that helped encourage young women to pursue higher education. Connie and her husband, Nick, often reminded people about the importance of learning. They both believed in the power and balance of the Arts & Sciences. Connie was a determined woman, who worked hard to pave a way for herself in STEAM. She always spoke highly of the support and opportunities that came to her from other women in her various communities. A full-time working mother and an entrepreneur with a career in the financial services industry, Connie used her determination and positive mindset as a driving force to achieve great things.

Our goal

The Connie Konatsotis Scholarship Fund has a mission to promote Gender Equality and Education of Women, honoring Connie’s legacy and passion for education by supporting female students pursuing degrees in STEAM.
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