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Carolyn Hawkins Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Organized by
Joye Ashby, Sherri Leimer, Jennifer Fields, and Mary Martin
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Our story

Carolyn Hawkins: teacher, mentor, friend extraordinaire Former student: "She saw a spark of creativity and a knack for language in me, and she invested in it. She started a literary journal for our high school, asked me to co-edit it, and she paid to print it out of her own pocket." Former student: "Her classroom was an inclusive and joyful place, one where discussion and debate were at the center...and the encouragement that our opinions mattered, that our voices had value." Another former student: "She was a wonderful, influential woman and a force to be reckoned with." Former colleague: "She gave so much to so many, and I want to see that giving continue." Former colleague: "When I wanted to buy access to an online curricular help site and the school wouldn't fund it, she paid for it out of her own pocket and called it a Christmas present!" Former student: "She had no children of her own, but she loved her students as her children. She stayed in touch with us after graduation, and made sure we knew how proud of us and our accomplishments she was." Parent of former student: "During a really difficult time for my family both emotionally and financially, she was a bright spot in my daughter's day but also stepped in and paid her IB fees out of her own pocket because we simply did not have the money. When things were better for us and I tried to repay her, she wouldn't take it, stating that she trusted that I had already and would continue to pay it forward. I've done my best to do that. Crossing paths with her made me a better human." Former colleague: "She was soooo very good to me when I was at CHS, and we kept in touch...she was an absolutely wonderful human being." Former student and colleague: "Carolyn helped countless students craft college admissions essays. She encouraged students to register to vote. She championed her students in vocational programs, JROTC, chorus, band, sports, AP and IB programs alike, always looking for ways to cheer on student success - no matter where that success came - inside the classroom or elsewhere."

Our goal

We are creating a scholarship to honor the memory of a beloved retired teacher whose life work was helping students achieve their goals no matter what odds may have been stacked against them. Carolyn Hawkins spent countless dollars of her own money and hours of her own time to help students, and now that she has passed, we want to continue her legacy of helping students through a scholarship in her name.
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Karthik Sundaram5 months ago

During my time at CHS, Ms. Hawkins was a tireless academic team coach and high school counselor. I'm forever thankful for her energy and effort during my time at CHS and what we accomplished as a CHS academic team. This has helped me in my post-high school career.

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