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Bryent Smothermon PTSD Awareness Scholarship Fund

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Our story

This fund, in Bryent Smothermon's name, has been helping fight student debt since May 2021. This fund honors Bryent, who passed away in 2021. He was a selfless, kind, and thoughtful person. Born on Flag Day, his love of the military, country, and the sense of comradery he felt led Bryent to have an accomplished career in the military. He was a fierce protector of those closest to him, a miracle worker with kids, an animal lover, a gentle soul, and most of all was behind many laughs and happy times. He was the life of the party, always trying to ensure everyone's enjoyment and enthusiasm. Bryent had strong values, lifelong friendships, and great memories that were created in his short time on earth.

Our goal

To honor the legacy of Bryent Smothermon, this scholarship fund exists to support military veterans who have suffered from PTSD or have been affected by someone who has suffered from PTSD.
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