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Bob Bartnett Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Bartnett Family
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Our story

Thank you for coming to the donation page for Bob’s scholarship. We welcome and appreciate your tax deductible contribution to this scholarship fund.

Our goal

This fund is being started to fund a living memorial to be called the Bob Bartnett Memorial Scholarship.

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Mamie Bowers1 month ago

To the memory of one of the finest individuals I have been blessed to know, my first “health class” husband and a remarkable man who impacted so many lives.

Christine & Larry Prezioso2 months ago

Bob was an amazing man who gave his all to everyone in his life, especially when he coached. May he continue to touch the lives of aspiring athletes through his scholarship fund.

Jill & Rich Prakopcyk2 months ago

Bob was a dear life-long friend. We consider ourselves blessed to have enjoyed his friendship for so many years. Bob was a great athlete, a fabulous coach and a wonderful person. Bob was a true coach… he understood his players and gave his all to coach them not only in sports but in life. We should all follow Bob’s example!

Jeremy Platts2 months ago

Love to Vici and family ❤️

Colin And Jessica Bruno Bruno3 months ago

Bob was such a wonderful coach, friend, father, husband and all around great guy. What an amazing way to honor him with this scholarship.

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