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Our story

Roxanne Mirabile Stapleton personified a “Super Mom” or Super Parent. She consistently showed love, compassion, care, and service for others. She was always thinking of others' needs, often before her own. She was able to juggle so many priorities with passion and love. She had particular skills with younger children, making them feel special and loved. She was also able to support and provide service to elders, enriching their lives too. On top of holding a full-time job, she consistently, and without hesitation, volunteered for all committees to support children in school. Roxanne spent time, effort, and money on important things, not material possessions. She stood tall in the face of obstacles and challenges. She created the foundation where others felt important, safe, and secure to enable them to grow. She never judged or compared; she just encouraged and supported in everything she did. We miss her dearly and believe she lives on through everything she personified. We are proud to offer this scholarship to any individual student who shows this passion for others.

Our goal

We have created this fund so that all interested donors for the TEAM ROX Scholarship can easily contribute via a tax-deductible donation. We plan to fund this scholarship on an annual basis, so your continued support is much appreciated!
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Comments from contributors 6

Kevin Krapels6 months ago

Go “Team Stapes, #61”!

Jefftey Tataria7 months ago

Great cause!!!!

Margaret Kenihan7 months ago

To honor Roxanne.

Liz (Cousin)7 months ago

As I have gotten to know Roxanne through my favorite cousin, I experienced deep regret we lived so far away from one another while she was still alive. She embodied (and still does through her legacy) commitment, love of family, integrity and character. There are too few like her. What a privilege to participate in this endeavor.

Gregory Farrell7 months ago

Very special cause to my friend and his family.

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