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Organized by
Tammy Michaels
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Our story

This scholarship will be in the memory of Tammy Michaels. An ALS warrior that believes in the future of new doctors and hopes that providing a scholarship such as Tamurai’s Adventure scholarship, she can help find a cure for ALS and many more terminal illnesses.

Our goal

Established by an ALS warrior, this scholarship is intended to offer financial support to students who are passionate about pursuing a medical degree, especially those with parents who are either battling or have lost their lives to a terminal illness. These students often aspire to medical degrees to gain a deeper comprehension of their parent's condition and to contribute to medical breakthroughs. Their personal drive cultivates resilience, determination, and a distinctive viewpoint, enhancing the diversity in the medical field. However, the financial demands of a medical education, coupled with medical expenses, can be daunting. This scholarship's objective is to assist these students on their academic path, relieve financial strain, and allow them to concentrate on their studies and future contributions to the medical field. Any student who has experienced loss due to a terminal illness and is pursuing a career in the medical field may apply. My goal is to raise as much as I virtually can. The more that I raise, the more I can award. I would love to provide a scholarship fund that will help pay for their whole schooling.
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