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Shannon loved dressing up and showing how much she loved life. between her great outfits and her Pinterest wins on her cupcakes and cookies, you always knew she would showcase some of her contagious energy. We think fondly of her running in tutus and costumes for every race she ran, whether it was a Halloween run, a turkey trot or Christmas, she always had such energy and joy wherever she went. She would often make new friends wherever she went. Her passion for her kids and showing them that kind of joy will also be what we remember. She loved her kids Cameron and Connor, went to as many games of theirs as she could and tried to teach them the same love of the world as she had. She will be missed.

Our goal

Shannon Marie was always such a joy to be around. From a young age, her bright blonde hair, blue eyes and infectious smile always made everyone around her smile. She loved to dress up for all the holidays and her friends and colleagues never knew what to expect each holiday between her amazing and picturesque baking skills, and her creative outfits to commemorate all the holidays. She had a great way about her that even if she was having a bad day, she would still make sure you were in a great mood at the end of the conversation with her. Her patients always saw her at her best and felt like family to her. She was a terminal care nurse, private practice nurse and tested people for COVID and anything in between, she brightened everyone's day. She would never let her personal life interfere with the level of care she showed her patients and everyone always felt a little more loved when she was around. Her goofiness always drew such adoration from her colleagues as well as her patients and she had such a great connection with everyone she knew. We will always remember her fondly and wanted this scholarship to give a chance to those less fortunate to find a career that invoked compassion and warmth like she always brought to others. She struggled to work while she was in school to pay for her schooling and if we can offer some help for the recipient of this award, we hope her light will shine on them to succeed in this tough high demand field.

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