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Our goal

Since June of 2019, The St.Hilaire Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship has been awarded to a senior student-athlete who has excelled in the classroom, has displayed leadership on his or her varsity sports team, and has shown a commitment to serving others by engaging in community service and/or volunteer events. Making the leap from high school to college comes with many trials and challenges that many students aren’t prepared for. The change in environment, opportunities for independence, limited guidance, and increased workload of college can take even the most high-achieving students by surprise. The key to succeeding in college and beyond is learning to be well-rounded. Student-athletes, in their simultaneous pursuit of academic and athletic success, demonstrate the skills necessary to thrive as they work toward their educational goals. This scholarship seeks to support student-athletes who are preparing to transition from high school to college so they can succeed in all of their endeavors. Any ambitious high school senior who is a student-athlete in New Jersey with community service or volunteering experience may apply for this scholarship. We are asking for your consideration towards donating to assist a well deserving student with beginning their next chapter of life off with a financial token of appreciation that will support their desire to pursue an education at the next level. * 100% of Contributions will go directly to the selected recipient(s) * Contributions are tax-deductible
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Joseph Alasio2 months ago

We are making this donation with great appreciation for the Friendship and Mentorship that the founders of this Scholarship have so generously given.

Petar Rumora4 months ago

To the leaders of tomorrow!

Vinny Tung4 months ago

Proud of you and your family. Keep inspiring us all.

St.Hilaire Family4 months ago

To the leaders of tomorrow!

Eric St.Hilaire4 months ago

Helping someone deserving to pursue their dreams!!!

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