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Our goal

Stephanie Deniece Staggers Curtis believed in the power of education to advance people to their dreams. Stephanie often repeated the infamous quote, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” She modeled the significance of educational attainment through her support of others and the pursuit of her college degree. As a single mother, Stephanie relied on her village for support and encouragement as she balanced college coursework with a full-time job and motherhood. She graduated from the University of Mount Olive with her Bachelor's Degree and continued to enrich her knowledge through certification exams in finance and insurance. In 2022, we raised enough funds to award two recipients more than $600. These recipients are still progressing in their educational journeys. One scholarship winner is just a few months from graduation. We are raising funds for the next round of scholarships to be awarded this summer. Every contribution will help our scholarship winners continue on their journey. Here are some examples of what your donations could cover for our winners. $10 to $50 - student registration fees. $100 - federal loan fees. $650 - one 3-hour course at a local community college $750 to $1000 - books and course materials or a personal laptop purchased through the college $1200 - a full course load at a local community college Thank you in advance for your contributions.

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Renetha Staggers27 days ago

Just a little something to support love you Aunt Step

Shamelle&Neils RY1 month ago

Ms. Stephanie's legacy lives on!

Bettina Umstead1 month ago

Ms. Stephanie recognized the value of continuing your education and supporting so many young women to do so. I'm making this contribution to continue her legacy in helping others pursue education.

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