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Stephen Mosley
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Our story

Stacy T. Mosley Jr. spent his entire career of 30 years as an administrator educating young children that eager to learn from institutions of higher learning. He was a dedicated father and husband of 64 years that understood that the lack of education is one of the main components of poverty. And that poor community consists of individuals that do not have access to quality education and consequently remain in a depressed and unequipped environment. As an inductee into the Dallas African American Hall of Fame for Educators, he believes serving his community is a key element to improving individuals living in impoverished areas of Texas. As a 33-degree Masonic member of Saint Joesph Grand Lodge, a U.S. Army Veteran serving on the Greater Disable Veteran Council, he understood the call to service. On the early morning of February 12th, 2023, we lost one of the greatest individuals known to mankind. A person of large presence and statue full of overwhelming wisdom and knowledge. A military man who until the day he transitioned to the almighty remembered several young men he was tasked with their draft basic training to travel to a foreign country to defend America on the battlefield of war. He carried an extremely heavy burden understanding that some of these individuals will never return to the American homeland. And of those that may return, many will not have the use of their limbs and normal facilities given to every human at birth. Once relieved of his service, he continues onward spreading his knowledge and wisdom as an educator highlighting the urgency of achieving one's educational goals at there highest peak of their capabilities. His memory will live on through everyone he has came in contact with throughout his lifespan and will be truly missed by all.

Our goal

The Stacy T. Mosley Jr fund is focusing on providing access to higher-level educational College programs for under privilege students attending Historical Black College / Universities (HBCUs).
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