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Soul Anarchist Music Scholarship Fund

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Paul Duane
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Music was my saving grace when I was growing up. It was the first time I was good at something. It gave me identity, self esteem, and purpose.... not to mention that it's just super fun to make music. I regard my music teachers as angels on this earth. Their impact shows up in my life every single day. As an adult, I've made my career in the world of creativity - by day, I'm a photographer, filmmaker & podcaster. By night, I'm a Progressive House DJ. Live music has good medicine in it - We've all had the experience of going to see our favorite artist perform. We see people there who obviously vote, love, and live differently than we do - but we don't care - because all that matters in this moment is that we both LOVE _____(insert artist)_____, and that alone tells us all we need to know about the humanity of this other person. There is powerful medicine in live music. It reminds us that our commonalities are much more important than our differences. This message and experience is needed now, more than ever. I am going to pay forward the gift that my music teachers gave me, by financially supporting upcoming musicians and music educators who have a demonstrated commitment to the power of live music performance.

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