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Solomon Vann Memorial Fund

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Juanita Inman-Vann
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    Juanita Inman-Vann


    Juanita Vann


    Juanita Inman-Vann


    Juanita Inman-Vann


    Juanita Inman-Vann


Our story

Solomon Asa Vann was born on February 17, 1994 to Herman and Juanita Vann. He started kindergarten at Brakeworth Academy (Currently known as Hoover Christian Schools) and attended through 2nd grade. He then attended schools in Gardendale, Alabama from 3rd grade through graduation. He lived in the Minor High School zone and worked there as a cafeteria worker as an adult. Solomon was ambitious and hardworking and loved helping people. He had such a calm and loving spirit about him and never met a stranger. Solomon entered his final rest on March 19, 2022. Solomon’s relationship with Christ assures us that we will meet him in the first resurrection. Solomon’s life blessed us and continues to bless us. We want to share that blessing with other students who have similar interests as Solomon and/or attended the same schools he did.

Our goal

To support students in Alabama who are interested in pursuing a higher education in Business, Computers, Engineering, Music, or Psychology.
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