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    Opa & Oma (Norman & Chickee Nelson, Jr)


Our story

Tolia Tony Solaita was the first Samoan who played major league baseball. Norman C. Nelson IV lost his battle with Protein Losing Enteropathy (PLE) at the age of 16. Weeks before finishing his junior year of high school. He did not get to graduate and that is why the scholarship was created to honor a senior.

Our goal

The goal would be to contribute to both memorial scholarships that were created in honor of Tolia Tony Solaita and Norman C. Nelson IV.
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Comments from contributors 2

Solaita1 month ago

Lil Norman is our grandson. Oma and Opa

Opa & Oma (Norman & Chickee Nelson, Jr)3 months ago

I'm making this contribution because he is our grandson.

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