Si Se Puede Scholarship Fund

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Andres Vargas
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Our story

When I was a student many years ago. Money was always a concern. For the majority of my academic career, I was working a job while studying. This allowed me to pay for books, materials, and even meals. I would love to say these jobs were internships at big companies, but that wasn’t the case. I’ve gone from cleaning toilets as a janitor to dealing with tourists as a sales associate at Universal Studios. It wasn’t easy balancing working and studying full time. My grades suffered from it. Regardless, I did the best I could do. For me, it was a matter of getting it done to get to the goal. I told myself “SI SE PUEDE”. I have grown the desire to provide a way to support those like me who are working to provide while they seek their academic and professional aspirations. To recognize the perseverance it takes to maybe not enjoy the same experiences as others since you must catch up on schoolwork because you worked all week or had a family emergency come up. With that, I’m proud to establish this “SI SE PUEDE” Scholarship Fund. The long-term goal is that this scholarship provides peace of mind and necessary aid for years to come to those working towards achieving their dreams. I look to all those looking to support this in any way. Reaching out to a community that I know relates in doing what it takes to get to that goal or dream. If we can make a difference with just a dollar. It will be a dollar well spent.

Our goal

The goal of this fund is to help create a scholarship for a student who has shown true perseverance in their life.
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100% goes to scholarship recipients

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