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Serena Rose Jarvis Memorial College Scholarship Fund

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Kailei Jarvis
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Our story

My name is Kailei. I lost my eldest daughter to suicide on March 4th 2020. Her birthday is July 31st. Let me tell you a bit about her. She was spitfire and moonbeams. She was 5ft5 with an attitude and personality that easily made her 7ft tall. She loved animals, anime, spooky, horror, comics and etc. She loved makeup and was good at it!! She was an artist like majority of this family. She loved her family, friends and loved ones fiercely. She also was big into video games. She loved helping others.

Our goal

Our mission is raise funds for the Serena Rose Jarvis Memorial College Scholarship. This scholarship hopes to raise awareness about suicide prevention and mental health, as well as provide financial support for a high school graduate as they pursue a college degree, either in the mental health or veterinary fields.

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