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Our story

Sean Kelly was born in Philadelphia, spent most of his youth in Delaware County and was a graduate of Monsignor Bonner High School. After high school Sean earned a four-year degree in Finance from the University of Scranton. He later earned a MBA from Wilmington University. Growing up, Sean was passionate about and excelled in athletics. He was a competitive baseball and ice hockey player. As an adult, Sean expanded his interests and hobbies. He loved staying active by participating in local sports leagues for cornhole and kickball, working out, playing golf, and skiing. He also prided himself on continuing his education. In 2018, Sean completed a Computer Coding Bootcamp at the University of Pennsylvania. While in his early 30’s Sean began preparing to earn the CPA certification. Sean always lived life to the fullest. He loved to travel and never missed an opportunity to take a trip with friends or family. Sean exhibited many amazing qualities. He was passionate, loyal, determined, confident, and always tried to learn new skills and knowledge. Unfortunately, Sean's story ended far too soon at the age of 34. We would like his legacy to live on by helping like-minded students achieve their educational goals.

Our goal

The Sean Kelly Memorial Scholarship was established to help perpetuate the virtues and qualities of Sean Kelly, a loving son, brother, friend, and colleague. Sean left his family and friends far too soon, tragically passing away at age 34 in January of 2022. The Sean Kelly Memorial Scholarship intends to preserve Sean's imprint on the world by granting a scholarship to a high-school junior or senior who intends to attend a 4-year undergraduate university program. The individual who is awarded the scholarship will possess similar interests to Sean. They will excel in athletics while also maintaining a strong GPA.
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