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Se Vale Soñar Scholarship Fund

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Leslie Jimenez
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    Lesley Mata


    Javier Alvidrez


    Francisco Terrazas


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Our goal

Having been a low-income first generation college student I know first hand the obstacles one faces when attending college, the biggest being cost. I aim to support students in achieving their goals and following their dreams while lessening the financial burden that comes with higher education. As Miss Arizona Latina my goal is to advocate for higher education and facilitating resources for students like me that had no idea where to start. This mission is important to me because I was the first in my family to attend college and faced obstacles like cost and academic probation. I was able to persevere not only with a Bachelor's degree but with a Master's degree as well. Thanks to various scholarships I was able to lessen my financial burden. My vision for this fund is to create a $1000 scholarships for a hispanic first-generation Arizona resident (HS senior/undergraduate student) with dreams of attending college.
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Comments from contributors 7

Lesley Mata3 months ago

So proud of you!

Lydia Lopez3 months ago

What a great way to give back to the community :) Everyone deserves an opportunity to be great!

Jessica Rodriguez3 months ago

Proud of the legacy you are creating!

Susan S3 months ago

Keep doing amazing things!

Leticia Alvarez3 months ago

Leslie I am also the 1st one to graduate from a university. You were my 1st student when I began teaching at Harris. Look at you now. I’m so proud of the young woman you have become.

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