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Balancing family, work, and life, alongside a battle with renal cell cancer, Scott McLam managed to find both the time and energy to be a steadfast presence in the community for almost 20 years. For Ridgefield Lacrosse, he was coach, leader, and mentor for all levels of the program. Those that played for and knew Scott remember his passion for not just for the game, but for educating every young man and woman on his teams and watching them reach their fullest potential as both athletes, students, and young professionals. Not one person was invisible on Scott’s teams, and the lessons that he taught for success on the field often translated to success off it. The Scott McLam Scholarship is designed as a reward for students who participate in lacrosse. The ideal candidate for this award is someone who sets the highest standard for themselves, and who exemplifies leadership and selflessness and to put “we over me” not just for the programs, but for their community.
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