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Our story

Scobey was an exceptional caregiver, father, friend, and neighbor, known for his ability to bring smiles during sadness, maintain calm amidst chaos, and follow the will of his Master. His irreplaceable presence impacted everyone he encountered, serving as a model for personal growth and kindness. His legacy lives on within the EMS community, inspiring others to continue his legacy. He embodied true care, reaching out with hugs, prayers, and laughter, fostering connections with friends, strangers, and patients alike. The memory of Scobey encourages us all to genuinely care, serve, and bring joy to those around us. Scobey's influence extended beyond his professional role. He pushed others to excel, encouraging growth by stepping out of comfort zones. His mentorship evolved into a unique friendship marked by unwavering support and valuable advice. His passion for teaching and sharing knowledge inspired those around him. Despite his own discomfort with public speaking, he was a skilled educator who left a lasting impact on many. His belief in giving back and nurturing others' growth resonated deeply. Scobey's presence was characterized by an unparalleled sense of calm, knowledge, and compassion. He embodied the essence of a dedicated servant to his community and a shining example of selflessness. His memory remains a source of inspiration, leaving a profound impact on all who knew him. His legacy was one of humility, compassion, and dedication. Despite his extraordinary qualities, he remained down-to-earth, serving as a role model for EMS providers. His influence led others to aspire to his level of commitment and care. In the world of EMS, Scobey was a rare gem—one in a million. His ability to comfort, inspire, and uplift others transcended words. His legacy lives on as a true gift to the field, a testament to his unique character, and a reminder of the impact a single individual can have.

Our goal

Donations to this fund will support the Live Like Scobey Scholarship. This scholarship will support two aspiring emergency healthcare professionals as they pursue their degrees.
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