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Our goal

At Brennan Park, we proudly uphold the legacy of Shirley Bryant, a visionary and compassionate leader who dedicated her life to helping others. This scholarship memorial fund is established to honor Shirley's remarkable contributions and to empower Michigan high school and undergraduate students pursuing science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) programs in college. About Shirley Bryant: Shirley’s professional journey began with General Motors in Flint, Michigan, before pivoting to the housing industry to focus on real estate and community planning. In the 26 years that followed, she made indelible marks at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, serving in Chicago and Philadelphia, before retiring in Los Angeles. Shirley was not just a professional, but a mentor, advocate, and inspiration to those she supported. Passion for Arts, Innovation, and Youth Empowerment: Shirley Bryant's life was defined by a profound passion for the arts, innovation, and a commitment to nurturing the potential of young minds. She understood the transformative power of creativity and entrepreneurship, especially among the youth. Through her guidance, she instilled in others the importance of doing their best and persevering in the pursuit of their dreams. Our Mission: The SB Innovators Scholarship for Michigan high school and undergraduate students pursuing STEAM Programs is to carry forward Shirley Bryant's legacy by providing financial support to talented and ambitious students. We aim to create opportunities for those who share her passion for arts, innovation, and STEAM fields, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their ambitions. Guiding Principles: 1. Encouraging Excellence: We believe in fostering a culture of excellence, just as Shirley did. The scholarship seeks to recognize and support high school students who demonstrate exceptional dedication and promise in their chosen STEAM fields. 2. Empowering Creativity: Shirley's commitment to the arts and innovation is reflected in our mission. We aim to empower creative minds by providing the financial means to pursue higher education in STEAM disciplines. 3. Supporting Future Entrepreneurs: Recognizing the challenges of forging one's own path, the scholarship is dedicated to supporting future entrepreneurs. We encourage applicants who embody the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. 4. Diversity and Inclusion: We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion. The scholarship welcomes applications from students of all backgrounds, fostering an inclusive community that reflects Michigan's rich tapestry of talents. By supporting the SB Innovators Scholarship, donors contribute to shaping the future of Michigan's STEAM landscape and honoring Shirley Bryant's enduring legacy. Together, we inspire the next generation of leaders, creatives, and innovators.

Comments from contributors 2

Marie And Paul Sacco4 days ago

We will always remember her❤️

Anonymous9 days ago

In loving memory of an incredible woman, whose life and work will continue on through the scholarship recipients.

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