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Sarah K. Eber Scholarship Fund

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David Pollitt
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    Laurene DeSantis


    Marybeth Graham


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Our story

Sarah was a survivor of ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) at the age of 15. Being out of school for an extended period of time at such a crucial age in social development had a major impact on Sarah's life. Sarah shared her emotions so intensely, always. This passion to give back to those that have walked a mile in her shoes was something that burned greatly in her. Sarah was a compassionate and deeply caring woman that never knew a stranger. She is greatly missed.

Our goal

I wanted to create this scholarship fund as a way to honor the life of my late fiance, Sarah Kathryn Eber. She passed away August 14th 2022, suddenly, in her sleep, 6 days before our wedding. Sarah is survived by myself, David Pollitt, our beautiful son, Austin Pollitt and her wonderful family. I wanted to help support the dream and legacy that Sarah didn't get to see through here on Earth. I would like to offer 2 $500 scholarships to 2 students that share a similar passion and understanding for life that Sarah did.
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Comments from contributors 8

Laurene DeSantis11 days ago

In loving memory of my niece! <3

Marybeth Graham11 days ago

Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful contributions.

Bev And Joe Simon16 days ago

The preserve Sarah's memory. She was such a great friend to our daughter and her memory lives on in her beautiful son and Dave.

Shari (Turtles And Tides) Manning17 days ago

David, meeting you at Trifecta and hearing your story the second year we were there will forever stay with me. It’s incredible what you are doing to honor Sarah, I wish I had the opportunity to meet her. Happy to contribute to keeping her beautiful spirit alive, always.

Jill Hack5 months ago

Sarah was a beautiful and smart young woman. She would help anyone without a thought so it’s only right to support this cause because she is glowing in heaven watching something so important to her happen in her memory.

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