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Sara Jane Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Whitt Family
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Our story

Our mother Sara Jane, was a life long nurse for 48 years. She had the most loving, caring and nurturing demeanor of anyone. She always put her patients first, and it showed through the testimonies of those families that were able to experience her caring touch. She always pushed not only her children to higher education but to anyone she met to always go for your dreams. She advocated for those that needed and assisted all others in her daily life. She would push her nursing assistants to always continue their nursing career to higher degrees (LPN, RNA, NP, etc.). Therefore, this scholarship fund is to continue her legacy of supporting young individuals looking to pursue a career nursing the ability of financial assistance to make those dreams a reality.

Our goal

This scholarship fund will be in honor of my late mother Sara Jane for those students looking to pursue a nursing career.

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