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Sally J. Wilkins Memorial Fund

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Gregory Wilkins
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Our story

Sally loved many things. In her younger years, Sally loved to travel and never overlooked an opportunity to see a new place, especially if it had a beach or a Casino. She felt at-home when she was outside and took wonderful care of her garden's and flowers. She loved reading and learning, and always encouraged people to educate themselves. Sally loved her friends and family. She looked forward to holidays spent with loved ones, and dinner outings where she always got a steak and potato. No matter how Sally was feeling, she always greeted people with a warm and infectious smile that brightened the lives of those who experienced it. Her goal was to spread happiness, and she never failed to do so.

Our goal

The Sally J. Wilkins Memorial Scholarship fund was established to honor and commemorate Sally J. Wilkins. Sally spent the majority of her career as a Nurse Practitioner, as well as her personal life, giving back to anyone, and many times at her expense. She prioritized others over herself and was known for her compassion, kindness, grace, imperial understanding, and her giving and selfless nature. She dedicated her life to helping the students of the future and ensuring youth had open access to educational opportunities so they can build a better world. All money raised from this fund will be given to students who are going back to College to study within the Healthcare field, specifically Nursing, Radiography or the Therapies. This fund honors Sally and all those she made smile throughout her life and ensures those smiles live on and are never forgotten.

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