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Ryan Mallett Memorial Football Scholarship Fund

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    Ryan Coffman


Our story

Ryan was a man who loved the game of football. He was very passionate in his career, and accomplished his dream of playing in the NFL for several years. After leaving the NFL, he became a high school football coach as offensive coordinator and became a head coach before his untimely death. He loved children and loved to mentor kids and help them improve their skills in the game he loved. He was a man with a BIG a heart and his energy was contagious. He lived everyday to the fullest and loved everyone he encountered. He had so many goals that he wanted to accomplish in this life time and Unfortunately, his life was tragically cut short. In honor of his passion for kids and football, please help me to continue Ryans legacy and life long passion for the game of football and helping one student athlete fufill their dreams in the sport.

Our goal

This scholarship fund aims to honor the life and legacy of my dear friend Ryan Mallett, by supporting student athletes entering college looking to pursue a football career.

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Ryan Coffman8 months ago

Because I am a friend of Jenn

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