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Rudy J. Mazzetti Culinary Arts Scholarship Fund

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    R. Dandapani Sriram


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Our story

Rudy J. Mazzetti came from humble beginnings, working from a young age to take care of his family and build a name for himself. In 1973 at the age of eighteen, Rudy founded Mazzetti's Bakery with his mother Julia. Together, they served delicious baked goods to their customers and supported the surrounding communities with regular donations and sponsorships. Rudy believed that his hard work would eventually pay off and that being an honest businessman was of utmost importance. He believed quality was everything, making his baked goods affordable to anyone who paid the store a visit. Rudy treated his customers and the bakery staff as his family, stating repeatedly that every person's job is important and valued from the dishwasher to the head baker. Rudy and his wife Julie continued to grow the bakery business for decades into a San Francisco Bay Area institution. In April 2023, Rudy and the Mazzetti's Bakery family celebrated 50 years in business continuing the name Rudy made for himself. Just a few months later, the Mazzetti Family announced the tragic loss of their father and the founder of Mazzetti's Bakery, Rudy Mazzetti. The family would like to have Rudy's hard work and legacy live on through helping students pursuing degrees in Culinary Arts. Rudy valued family more than anything and cared deeply for his wife, daughters, son-in-laws, and grandchildren. Rudy had a zest for life living every moment to its fullest. He helped others every chance he had and lived a life of service to others through his food.

Our goal

The Rudy J Mazzetti Scholarship for Culinary Arts honors his life's work and commitment to bring people together in celebration with delicious pastries and desserts. This scholarship will provide support to a student from California pursuing a career in the culinary arts.

Comments from contributors 9

R. Dandapani Sriram1 month ago

In loving memory of our grandpa R. Dandapani, who was a lover of all breads and pastries :)

Peter And Nancy Gresh6 months ago

We would like to continue the tradition of Rudy’s dedication to the culinary arts.

Jeannie Gonzalez Alegata7 months ago

Mazzetti's culinary arts fund

Frances Romero9 months ago

Such a wonderful way to honor a talented baker who always gave so generously to his friends, family and the entire community. Even in his passing he gives to those who might follow in his footsteps.

Deborah Hemlock9 months ago

So very for your loss but thank you for the wonderful legacy he is leaving with this fund!

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