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Rosetta Richardson's Trailblazer Elderly Care Scholarship Fund

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Fatemia Richardson
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Our story

I hold a deep and personal passion for this scholarship, driven by my own experiences. As one of my grandmother's primary caregivers, I bore witness to her remarkable journey when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 89. Balancing my caregiving duties with the pursuit of an MBA with distinction and my role as a graduate assistant was undeniably demanding. She triumphed over breast cancer and went on to face the challenges associated with dementia in her later years. Her life's voyage reached its conclusion on earth when she peacefully departed at the age of 99, a few weeks following a massive stroke. The challenges my grandmother encountered while contending with breast cancer, dementia symptoms, and the stroke served as a testament to her remarkable resilience. This heart-wrenching experience serves as a poignant reminder of the vulnerability that accompanies aging and underscores the urgent need to identify early signs and take prompt action when necessary. It is this awareness that fuels my unwavering commitment to this scholarship, which is not only important but absolutely crucial in its mission to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who require it the most.

Our goal

The primary goal of this scholarship is to transform it into a concrete opportunity for a well-deserving student to address the challenges faced by elderly individuals affected by conditions such as breast cancer, dementia, and/or stroke. We highly value your contributions, as they will empower us to have a positive impact on the life of this student. With your generous support, we can empower this student to make meaningful contributions to the field of elderly care, thereby fostering positive change and improvement in the lives of our aging population facing these complex health challenges.

Comments from contributors 6

June Townsend1 month ago

Deaconess Richardson was Avery loving person to my family and myself. I will miss her.

Lorraine Richardson1 month ago

You made your goal.🙂

Lorraine Griefshare2 months ago

Fatima , such a beautiful way to honor & remember your Grandmother.

Princess Mitchell3 months ago

I support all that help our youth move forward with Life challenges. Many are raised by their grandparents and need the support when health issues come up. Keep moving forward, Fatima!

Dr. Mojisola Edu3 months ago

Pray this helps the youth. Blessings

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