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Ronald Reagan Hispanic Merit Scholarship Fund

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Emma Navarro De los Santos
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My name is Emma Navarro and I am a student at Ronald Reagan High School. As a Mexican-American, my ardent desire to contribute to the community has led me to initiate a scholarship aimed at supporting fellow Hispanics who may encounter challenges with English as their primary language. Throughout my personal experience in navigating scholarship applications, a disconcerting reality has unfolded – a substantial number of scholarships exhibit exclusivity towards English-speaking applicants, a phenomenon particularly interesting in light of the fact that nearly a quarter of America identifies as Hispanic. I aspire to raise $1,000 in funding to facilitate educational opportunities for a deserving recipient from Ronald Reagan High School. Despite the remarkable intellectual prowess exhibited by Reagan's student body, the language barrier may inhibit some students from sharing their stories and academic pursuits comfortably through essays. This scholarship, therefore, endeavors to bridge this linguistic divide. The essay component welcomes submissions in both English and Spanish, recognizing and celebrating the diverse linguistic backgrounds of the student population. In doing so, the initiative seeks to empower Hispanic students at Ronald Reagan High School, providing them with a platform where their unique stories and aspirations can be acknowledged and celebrated, irrespective of language barriers. Together, let’s champion the cause of educational equity and foster an inclusive environment that nurtures academic success.

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