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Scott Vandament
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Our story

Here is a brief background on Mr. Vandament who was born in Hannibal, MO and raised in Quincy, IL. Prior to college, Mr. Vandament started his music career playing the trumpet as a member of the No. 37 Drum and Bugle Corp. He earned a Master Degree in Music Education at the University of Illinois and join the United States Air Force. As decorated Vietnam veteran, he was also a member of the United States Air Force Band, which exclusively performed for Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. After his service, Mr. Vandament performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, while studying under principal trumpeter Adolph Herseth. Mr. Vandament started his teaching career in Manassas, VA then moved to Massachusetts and continued teaching with the Wareham School District. Before his retirement, he also taught music at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. He was the founder of Instant Success Publication where he published his music theory and instrumental teaching methods. Mr. Vandament was a regular speaker at conferences and seminars on his music theory techniques.

Our goal

We would like to start raising funds for the Richard W. Vandament Music Scholarship. Mr. Vandament spent his entire life invested in music. As he got older, Mr. Vandament started to see a decline in music students. This did not discourage him on his beliefs on promoting music and the arts. He preached how society takes music for granted and music seems to be the basis for a portion of everyone's daily life. He said music is everywhere we go, which is true. Vehicles are built with radios; Music is involved in every aspect of television/movies/commericals that we watch; People workout to music; Waiting rooms play music for patient patrons; Restaurants/clubs have bands/DJs playing music. Music is all around us and it takes people to create, compose and perform this gift. It is only fitting that a scholarship be named in his honor to help support the next generation of musicians.
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