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Rep the Pep Scholarship Fund

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Organized by
Amanda Whitlow
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Raised of $2,500 goal
1 scholarship funded
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    Troy Price


    AK Expressions 360 Photo Booth LLC Ashana Bowles


    Kayla Bryant


    Jasmine Hobson


    Dominique Colbert


Our goal

I am starting this scholarship fund to give back to those in my home state. Graduating from college has created many great opportunities for me and I would love to support the next generation with coming one step closer to achieving their college goals.
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Comments from contributors 3

Ahnaia Robinson3 months ago

Knowledge is power!

Maureen O Oliphant4 months ago

Education is the most important

Simone Dawkins4 months ago

I am contributing to this because I fully believe in the importance of education and anything I can do to help someone else pay for their education I’m down for it

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