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Reese McGee Memorial Fund

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Payton McGee
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Our goal

My brother, Reese McGee, passed away at the age of 22, due to an epileptic seizure. He was diagnosed with epilepsy after the sudden onset of seizures at age 17, but this didn’t stop him from living his life to the fullest, each and every day. His epilepsy presented a unique set of challenges in terms of navigating education, and he was in the process of pursuing his degree in computer programming after facing and overcoming any obstacle put in his path. Despite everything my brother faced, he never complained, even though he had every reason to. He loved all people relentlessly and authentically and without conditions or expectations of anything in return, and was loud and proud of everyone. He wanted everyone to win, always. This fund will be in his honor, to be awarded to any student diagnosed with epilepsy be able to pursue what they’re passionate about.
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Comments from contributors 3

Anonymous2 months ago

He was the best of us.

Elissa Redmiles2 months ago

My heart breaks for you knowing the pain of a loved one gone far too soon. May his memory be a blessing to you all and to those who receive this scholarship.

Kaytlyn Ungerer2 months ago

In honor of Reese.

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