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RainbowUP Wings Scholarship Fund

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Rainbow Universe Pageants & Youth Services is always open to sponsors to support all of our contestants and youth clients to provide for their education. We are a community service based pageant system and we support the personal development and well-being of youth. The youth that participate in our pageants and sign up for our other services, programs and activities are sometimes in need of assistance for their educational goals. Therefore, they compete to win scholarships funded by individual investors and other various funding sources. At Rainbow Universe Pageants & Youth Services, we provide scholarships through our Rainbow Wings Scholars program. This scholarship fund provides an award with pre-defined eligibility and selection criteria and is for the purpose to pay for tuition. This is an official scholarship fund registered with the IRS as we open our doors to underserved and low-income youth that may not be able to afford the expenses associated with their educational goals.

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