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Raazia and Ubair Ahmed Education Scholarship Fund

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Wali Ahmed
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Many cultures insist on cultivating an environment of learning for their children. This includes the insistence on furthering education. However, some underrepresented groups in the United States do not have the power or privilege to do so. Many families in my community will not apply for furthering their education at undergraduate programs or even trade school because of their financial situation. I went to a high school in Tucson, Arizona that was known for its educational abilities. This was a public school, and due to lack of funding from the district we had to share a campus with another school in the district. This particular school was deemed do be in the lower percentile for academic prowess. Despite the gap in academic ability I became friends with many of the students from our sister school. Many were refugees that I not only shared a football pitch with but a Mosque. When I started to apply for colleges, no such plan existed for my friends, because of financial circumstances. I would like to allocate funds for people of my community that deserve the chance to think about furthering their education. I am grateful to my parents who gave me the financial freedom to pursue a higher education. The scholarship is named after them, and in a way they are enabling many more to pursue a higher education as well. This scholarship will ultimately support an Islamic student who is hoping to pursue further education.

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