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Our goal

This fund will support the annual Project Climbing Everest Scholarship. We all are climbing our own mountains and facing our own challenges. Project Climbing Everest is a student led organization that helps students open up about their problems and realize that we are each other’s sherpas on the climb. Many students don’t feel comfortable talking about their personal struggles. Students deal with a number of stresses, whether that be pressure to succeed, uncertainty in their futures, family challenges, or social pressures. Some of this stress can also come from the financial burden of college. The Project Climbing Everest Scholarship will support a student going into the mental health field. It serves to encourage students who are motivated to improve their own mental health and the mental health of others. High school seniors in Michigan are eligible to apply if they are pursuing a career in the mental health field. To apply, applicants must meet eligibility criteria and answer the prompt: "describe how you have helped improve mental health and how you will improve it in the future".
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Jay Shah2 months ago

Keep going Kobin!

Jodie & Michelle Peña4 months ago

Great idea, Kobin. Wishing you much success on this endeavor!

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