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Private (PVT) Henry Walker Scholarship Fund

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Our story

Private (PVT) Henry Walker Sr (WW1) Henry was born in the small town of Pinckneyville, Mississippi between 1888-1894. He was the youngest of seven children. He later moved to Batchelor, (Pointe Coupee Parish), Louisiana at an early age and remained there until his death in 1974. Growing up in Batchelor, he worked as a farm laborer as most Negroes did at that time in the rural south. Henry was drafted to participate in World War 1 (WW1), also known as the Great War. He served in the 530th Engineer Service Battalion. On July 31st, 1918, Henry boarded the SS Maui and set sail to France for a one-year tour of duty. On June 9, 1919, after a year in combat, Henry boarded the SS Ohian and set sail from Bordeaux, France and arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 19,1919. He served his country with honor though the times were horrendous for African Americans. He remained steadfast and loyal by demonstrating selfless service to serve something greater than himself. He knew this act of courage and resiliency would have a profound effect on his family for many generations. He was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army on July 2, 1919. Coming from the small town of Batchelor, this was an awesome feat for a black man in the deep south. It was this act of selfless service, duty, and personal courage that left a mark on his family. He served with honor and dedication for something bigger than himself. Henry returned to Batchelor after his military service. He later married Rosalee Hawkins and had 12 children. Henry reestablished himself in his community and continued to farm and later purchased 88 acres of property to which is still in the family. He was a faithful member of St. Mark Baptist Church in Batchelor, Louisiana where he served as the church secretary for a few years. He was known in the community for his generosity, friendship, and dedication to his loved ones. He paid a huge sacrifice for the sake of his family and what better way we get to honor him.

Our goal

This fund is to help fight student debt which is at an all-time high. The fund seeks to remember the selfless service of Henry Walker Sr. He was an amazing father, grandfather, great grandfather whose journey took him from Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana to the Port of Brest, France to serve his country during WW1. He was small in stature but had the heart of a giant who paved a way for his family to continue there with five generations of service to the country. This scholarship fund will support students who want to continue their undergraduate studies at an HBCU.

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