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Philip and Jacqueline Benincasa Scholarship Fund

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Philip Benincasa
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Our goal

This fundraiser will help support the Philip and Jacqueline Benincasa Education Scholarship. This scholarship is intended for students who are currently or planning on majoring in Education.

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Gaye Steinke2 months ago

Phil was one of the most influential and important person in my life. From childhood, to introducing me to Boston College, helping me post graduate and visits to Colorado, our paths were forever linked. Jackie was a second mother to me. I miss you both terribly.

Barbara Magee6 months ago

Phil gave so much to the schools in the Concord Carlisle community in both his years as principal and his time on the school committee. I received a scholarship similar to this that was so appreciated at the start of my college education.

Sandra Peirce7 months ago

During the majority of my years working in the Alcott School Library Phil Benincasa was our principal. He cared about, listened to and supported students, parents, teachers and staff, and to me embodied everything good and noble about public education.

Justine Hebert8 months ago

Phil Benincasa was an amazing principal in Concord who supported, encouraged and inspired his staff. He always had a kind heart and wasn’t afraid to show it. He will always be remembered for his loving heart, expertise, laughter, humor and true passion for doing what’s best for all students. He truly loved his family, school and community.

Paul Curtin8 months ago

What an excellent way to remember and honor your parents.

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