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    Mike Baslee


    Bro. Dr. Theo Fowles


    George Duru Jr


Our goal

Good Morning Brothers, George Gamma Rho Nu Spr 22 at UC Riverside. I and the brothers here on campus are planning to do a PBS Scholarship to the Black Scholars on our campus. The scholarship is a partnership and ran through a company that devotes themself to helping donors create scholarship applications. We are planning to have the sch9olarship out by April 5th, but we need your help. Please help supoort and donate to this scholarship, for this scholarship could help UCR Black Scholars in tuition, fees and expenses, grocieries, and even resources they need to buy for school. I know each and every brother here is all about helping and supporting black excellence for a good cause, so this is what i present to you today. The plan is to have 2 winners for our scholarship (each 1,000$) so that means in total we are trying to raise $2,000. Now i know that may seem like a lot, however, lets put this in perspective. If we get 10 Brothers to donate 100$ thats (10 x 100$ = 1000$). Now if we get 20 Brothers to donate 100$ each that easily clears the funding for our scholarship. To even incite you more to donate for this cause, I will be donating 100$ to start the fund off. With all the Western Brothers help we can make this scholarship possible and get it out in time for our Spring Quarter in April. Thank You for listening and supporting GOMAB!!

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Bro. Dr. Theo Fowles5 months ago


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