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Overcoming Adversity - Jack Terry Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Our story

Jack Terry was born in Poland in 1930. As a young boy, he lost his entire family in the Holocaust and struggled to survive the horrors of three Nazi Concentration Camps. At the end of the war, an American Army officer found Jack alone in the camp and arranged for him to come to the United States. Jack was then 15 years old, had no more than an elementary school education, and did not speak English. Yet, he worked hard through high school and college, became a geological engineer, and later went to medical school and became a psychoanalyst. He also served in the US Army as a 1st Lieutenant for 2 years, became an accomplished athlete and a beloved father and grandfather. Later in life, Jack devoted much of his time to sharing his story with students, spreading knowledge and hope. This scholarship aims to honor the remarkable life of Dr. Jack Terry by supporting 2 students from low income families who have overcome hardships or adversity in their lives.

Our goal

We would like to help ambitious students achieve their dreams, and honor Jack Terry’s legacy for years to come. Contributions will help to continue the scholarship annually.

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Julie Justicz10 months ago

To honor the legacy of a great man--a beloved father, a competitive athlete, a dedicated physician, and a survivor of atrocities.

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