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Norman Perkins Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Our father passed away on July 8, 2020, and only 2 out of his 5 children were allowed to attend the funeral. The surge in the number going up with COVID cases limited many family members and not many people were able to be present t when my father was being laid to rest. Many did not receive closure or get to say final words or make final remarks when he died. The older children had not seen him for years and it was very devastating how it all happened. Many are still struggling today with his loss and we would like to create a legacy despite all of the bad and sadness that exist. Our father would have loved to have a career but was unable to do so and held many miscellaneous jobs. Our father migrated to the United States in his mid 20s. He lived in New York and relocated to Florida. He had a love for people, making people laugh, helping people and trying to get to a million. Our father was business minded, educated and wanted to be known in every community he lived as a server, giver and helper. He didn’t mind getting dirty in the kitchen or playing golf and attending parties (basements), as he would call it. He forgave easily and made friends everywhere he went.

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This fundraiser will support the Norman Perkins Memorial Scholarship which will provide financial assistance to students who are looking to pursue careers in business, entrepreneurship or real estate.

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