Nathaniel L. Pritchard Memorial Scholarship Fund

Organized by
Kandice Pritchard-Harmon
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Our story

My brother, Nathaniel Lamar Pritchard, was born on August 29th, 2002, in Macon, Georgia. He was a foster child throughout his entire life and eventually aged out of Georgia's Department of Family and Children Services' system at the age of 18, having only completed up to the tenth grade with no GED. During the last two years of his life, he experienced homelessness on the streets of Atlanta until his life was tragically taken on April 19th, 2023, just four months before his 21st birthday. Despite the external challenges he faced, Nathaniel maintained his positivity and shared it with the world through social media and with his siblings. He was known for his love of laughter and hoped to reunite with his siblings, who, like him, were also former foster children. Nathaniel never gave up on his dreams and remained resolute in his goals. Now, we carry on to fulfill his dream in his memory.

Our goal

I am starting this fund in honor and memory of my late brother, Nathaniel Lamar Pritchard, who was tragically killed in April at the age of 20. My brother was a ward of the state for most of his life and remained so until his untimely death, with little to no support from state assistance programs to continue his education properly after aging out of foster care. In his memory, my goal is to ensure that students from the foster care system have the same opportunities as others to receive funding to help them, as students, pay for their direct educational costs.
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