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Natalie Joy Poremski Scholarship Fund

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Our story

At our 20 week ultrasound, our daughter Natalie was diagnosed with anencephaly, a rare and life limiting condition. Natalie was a completely healthy baby aside from her neural tube failing to close in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Directly after discovering Natalie’s condition, we were being advised to terminate our child’s life by several members of the medical community. However, we knew it was in God’s hands and we chose to give her the love and comfort that she deserved. After making it clear that we were going to carry Natalie for as long as God willed it, we were connected with the most compassionate and supportive medical staff and specialists we could’ve ever asked for. Her life touched the lives of so many people around her including our family, friends, and complete strangers. Natalie was incredibly active in the womb up to and including the day of her delivery. We were blessed with 39 beautiful weeks with her and she passed away peacefully during delivery. Thanks to the wonderful people that were part of our difficult but beautiful journey, we were able to spend as much time as we needed with our daughter bathing her, holding her, and praying over her with our family. One of the greatest gifts Natalie life has taught us is that what matters most is not how much time we have left, but rather, it is how and what we choose to do with the time we are given that is most important. Her life, all of it spent alive inside of the womb, has taught us more about what it truly means to put someone else’s needs before our own. We hope to honor her by providing this scholarship to help those passionate pro life students along their journey. It is our greatest hope that those selected to receive this scholarship will be the voice for our sweet Natalie and the voice of all babies at each and every stage of life.

Our goal

It is our goal to honor Natalie’s brief life and enable her memory to live on through this scholarship and the individuals awarded. The Natalie Joy Poremski Scholarship will be awarded each year to an undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a career in law, medicine, or political science who is driven and motivated by their faith and pro-life stance.
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Comments from contributors 4

Anthony Poremski7 days ago

Knights of Columbus

Kristin And Luke Renwick4 months ago

We are honored to contribute to this beautiful scholarship for our precious niece, Natalie Joy. Her legacy will live on forever!

Kathleen Chaudhari4 months ago

What a beautiful legacy for your precious baby girl.

Patricia Renwick6 months ago

We would be honored to help fund a scholarship in honor of our beautiful angel granddaughter Natalie Joy Poremski.

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