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Evan Snow
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Our story

"Unfortunately, the universe sometimes works in mysterious ways, and I came to find out the reason LP couldn’t always attend the events was because she was battling leukemia and lymphoma. While she was able to stay in positive spirits through our conversations, unfortunately the debilitating disease was taking its toll on her, and LP passed away on September 17, 2018 at the early age of thirty-six. As I reflect on this time of my life, the feeling of being welcomed and accepted by Lauren and this group that I fell in love with when they didn't have to created a feeling inside of me at a time in my life when I was going through uncertain transitions that undoubtedly had a life changing effect on me. While understandably Bedside as a group did not continue, their music lives forever in my heart and in my headphones. Their timeless music has been one of the most comforting resources I can turn to, especially during my plant medicine journeys (which I’ll expand on later), and has helped remind me of many great memories along the way up until writing today. It was a few years ago on one of these plant medicine journeys when I received a “message” that I really didn’t know how to translate into words, but have since had years to reflect upon and better decipher. The message, delivered non verbally and almost energetically (the best way I can explain it) essentially translated to “don’t let them forget about me.” After much thought, deliberation, further journeying, and conversation with friends and confidants, I felt called to launch the “My Sweetest LP” arts writing scholarship in honor of Lauren to give a student at her University of Florida alma mater a boost on their journey towards pursuing their passion of covering the arts similar to how we had done. I was fortunate enough that one of the confidants I shared this idea with over lunch was one of my Zero Empty Spaces resident artists (Bob Peckar) who had the talent, ability, and generosity to take our conversation along with some of my creative vision and create a beautiful piece of artwork he decided to donate as part of a silent auction for this cause, with the proceeds kicking off this arts writing scholarship. The hope and goal is that the recipient of this arts writing scholarship will be able to cover the arts and culture while in college or after graduating, receive writing opportunities from the platforms I’m involved with among other friends’ organizations, and that they can provide much needed editorial coverage of the arts in a time when arts writing unfortunately is not as valued as it once was. And I hope that maybe one day the recipient of this grant receives the inspiration, support, and opportunity to contribute to changing the world the way LP and I did. #RIPLP"

Our goal

To fund the "My Sweetest LP" Scholarship.
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