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Miguel Mendez Social Justice Memorial Fund

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Nancy Roberts
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Our story

Miguel was a truly remarkable person. Many qualities could describe him -- smart, humorous, outgoing – but more than anything, he was selfless. As a first-generation Colorado college graduate who majored in social justice, he had an instinctive drive to reshape our world into a more equitable and accessible place for others. Miguel drew upon the love and support he felt from his family and friends to champion a culture of kindness within his Colorado community. He felt it was his life’s duty to ensure that all people, no matter their background, would be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. For this, and his other many leadership abilities he used for good in the world, he is an invaluable inspiration to us all. Miguel was taken from us to soon in July 2022 by a water accident and to honor his memory we are creating this fund to support future students that uphold Miguel’s dedication to equity, diversity, and human rights for all.

Our goal

This fundraiser will support first-gen students who are pursuing degrees in social justice. We are starting this fund with the initial seed money and will then match the first $1500 in donations. The final amount will be divided into three awards and distributed Spring 2023, 2024, and 2025. Each year, the applicant who best exemplifies Miguel’s spirit of positive change will be selected to receive that year’s scholarship.
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Grace Cooke2 months ago

Miguel Méndez was my best friend in college and he meant a great deal to me. He is the reason that I personally have dedicated my life to social justice. Please realize what an opportunity it is to live this life and help others.

Eric Popkin6 months ago

I served as a faculty mentor of Miguel and so appreciated his deep commitment to social justice work. I send this donation to honor his legacy. I am sending this gift now to also acknowledge the deep influence Miguel had on many of us including Ariel Filion, a former student of mine who was a dear friend of Miguel's who is getting married this month. This gift is a way to allow Miguel to continue to be present in all of our lives.

Kathleen Alexander7 months ago

To honor the memory of Miguel on the occasion of his friends’ marriage- Trystan and Ariel.

Sam Goddard8 months ago

In memory of Miguel. This donation is a gift to celebrate the wedding of Trystan Alexander and Ariel Filion.

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