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Michael's Angel's Hand Fund

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Organized by
Kohlundra "Lady Kaye" Jones
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Our story

My fiance' Michael Vann Chaney passed away July 17, 2022 due to a cancerous tumor we were unaware of until it was too late. I can't let that blind side happen again. During this time we found out that he had autism which explained much of his behavior throughout his very misunderstood life. Michael was one of the sweetest most loyal people a person could know. Often misunderstood he was still always there to help others. He was loving and gave his whole heart to God and his family. Those close to him could always depend on him to be there. I want to continue that legacy by being there for as many as I can.

Our goal

This fundraiser seeks to raise money to fund scholarships to honor Michael's life. The donations will go toward funding scholarships for students with autism who are looking to expand their education and students purusing degrees in neurology and behavioral sciences.

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