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Michael C. Gekas Fund

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Our story

Michael first immigrated from Greece as a young adult to pursue a higher education and came to the US to achieve that goal. At that time, he had faced many challenges when it came to having equality in education but he had his mind set on his goals and persevered until he achieved them. He was a scientist but that didn't limit his love for knowledge and education as he would read and strive to gain an understanding of a variety of topics from science and math to history and even English. He believed that you never stop learning even as we age and that we should always be open to new knowledge and gaining new understandings in life. He took his passion with him everywhere and would always cultivate a learning environment in a way that made people interested and comfortable even when it was out of their comfort zones. He was always such a welcoming and loving personality and would always see the good in people and brought out the best in everyone. We would like to honor him by giving others the opportunity to expand their understanding and create a positive influence in the world.

Our goal

We would like to create a fund to honor my late husband in his name, Michael C. Gekas. He was an avid learner and was passionate about education and believed that we never stopped learning throughout our lives. We would like to create this fund to be able to sponsor scholarships specifically in STEM as he was a scientist. He immigrated from Greece to continue in higher education and faced many struggles in the process specifically socioeconomic based challenges. We want to be able to support other students in their learning journeys in his honor.

Comments from contributors 5

Peter & Catherine Dangoia17 days ago

Rest in Peace

Miltiadis And Erin Zgonis24 days ago

With great condolences and in Mike’s memory. We love you.

Elin Zgonis And Chris Andros24 days ago

May his memory be eternal. So sorry for your loss.

Stephanie Koupelis27 days ago

Τα θερμά μου συλλυπητήρια. May his memory be eternal.

Constantine Zgonis27 days ago

May your soul rest in peace, Μηχαλη

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