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Men of Excellence Scholarship Fund

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Our story

Through the Men Of Excellence Scholarship Fund, EN&C Inc. hopes to assist and encourage students to stay the course and remain steadfast in achievingtheir goals. EN&C Inc. is committed to investing in young people across the board, and we believe that every act of initiative and progress will continue to help shape our world for the better. This new scholarship will not only encourage students to continuously achieve but also hold themselves accountable to servicing others in their communities.

Our goal

Empire Networks & Communication Inc. and The Men Of Excellence Project announces the launch of its Men Of Excellence Scholarship Fund. The new scholarship program is aimed at students passionate about the overall academic achievements and community engagement. The scholarship will award to a male high school senior from the state of Texas who comes from a disadvantaged background.
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Jzantil Swanson8 months ago

To our future: there’s so much in store for you, and it’s up to us to help you get it! I am proud of you already for what you’re setting out to do!!

Sheldon Crawford9 months ago

I think the scholarship is an excellent opportunity for our youth.

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