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Mary Alice Kramer Aspiring Nurse Scholarship Fund

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Liane Foerder
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Our story

Our mom, Mary Alice Kramer, was a caring, dedicated nurse whose career spanned the course of 45 years. She was committed to caring for others, both in her nursing duties and in her home life. In addition to raising six children and welcoming two nieces into the family, she was a host mom to numerous exchange students from around the world. Mary Alice faced life's challenges with optimism and unwavering faith. She fought a courageous 30 year battle with Parkinson's disease and passed away on December 26, 2023. In order to honor her memory and continue her legacy, her children would like to award an aspiring nurse a scholarship of $1000 to help cover educational expenses. We intend to award a scholarship annually as long as funding is available.

Our goal

This fund is being created to help reduce tuition for an aspiring nurse. It is being created in memory of our mom, Mary Alice Kramer, whose nursing career spanned 45 years and included time as a nurse in a hospital, as an office nurse for a gastroenterologist and culminated as the school nurse for the Charleston Community Schools in Charleston, Illinois. We desire to honor her memory and her service to others.
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